Friday, January 9, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Today is our final day in Zambia, as we board a plane back to South Carolina, ending our term as guest house managers. We had a wonderful time of fellowship with our mission family last night and were very grateful for the many words of encouragement. We have loved serving in Zambia and serving amongst our heroes (those who take the gospel to the ends of the earth). We will ALWAYS cherish our experiences here and will never forget the people we came to love. We will miss so many of you who have touched our hearts, and we are hoping that we will have the opportunity to return to Zambia soon. Thank you, Zambia, for loving us so much!

Me and my best friend, Suzie Rodgers

We will arrive in South Carolina, USA, on Saturday, January 10th.

This will be our last posting to this blogspot. Please go to

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Gift from Denmark VBS

Goliath (on the left) and Patrick (on the right) with the 3 new chalkboards used for teaching Bible school in the bush.

Last summer the First Baptist Church of Denmark raised some money during their VBS, and we have been looking for different ministry opportunities to help out with. After talking with some of the missionaries on the Eastern Harvest Team, we decided to use some of the money to build chalkboards for the teaching in the bush. Patrick Mutale, who has helped do some of the tile work at the guest house, was able to find a carpenter willing to make these boards in record time before we left Zambia. Goliath, the carpenter, did a very nice job in making 3 chalkboards which will be used in 3 different areas in the bush to teach Bible school to young men aspiring to become pastors in Zambia. The Bible schools are led by 3 of our missionaries, Kevin Rodgers, Van Thompson, and John McPherson. I know these men are thankful for the gift from Denmark FBC, and will enjoy using these boards to teach the word of God.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lunch (Zambian Style)

The one and only opportunity for my parents to eat a Zambian meal was during lunch one day at the guest house. We invited the staff to help prepare the meal and eat with us outside in the Lion's Den. Elistina and Esnart prepared and cooked several Zambian traditional dishes. We had nshima (mealie meal), fried chicken, rape (greens), tomato and onion sauce, chiwawa (pumpkin leaves with ground nuts), and inswa (fried termites).
This is Kelsey's reaction after eating the termite! Everyone, except for my mom, tasted one (yes, only one, that was enough to taste it).

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Kalimba Farms

The kids wanted their grandparents to visit the crocodile farm while they were in Zambia, so we took them out for a visit. The Rodgers family joined us there and we had lunch together. The grandparents were NOT interested in holding any snakes!

Coby holding a turtle.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Orphans of Zambia

My parents brought greetings from some of their friends back home in Denmark, SC, and one family decided to send some gifts to the orphans in Zambia. I began calling a few of the places where I had been before to see what kinds of things they needed. One place called the House of Moses is an orphanage for babies aged 0-2 years. Some have lost both parents, and some are abandoned. We were able to use the gifts from the Cornforth family to provide milk formula, mealie meal, and cleaning supplies for this orphanage. The staff was very appreciative of this gift, and we enjoyed delivering it to them and getting to see all the babies.
After this visit, we went to another home where one lady, Elizabeth, has adopted 15 orphaned children, and she takes care of them in her home. The oldest is 16 years and the youngest is 2 years old. They are a special family, and we delivered mealie meal, rice, juice, cleaning supplies, and school supplies to this family. We enjoyed a wonderful song from these children and enjoyed talking with them and learning from them.
Our last visit was supposed to be to the community school of World Child Care, where I have been before trying to start a ministry. Unfortunately we did not get to actually go to the school, but we met with the directors and presented a supply of first aid care for the children at this school. Many of them are orphaned or vulnerable children and the school provides education for over 150 of these children. First aid was a challenge for them and we were happy to bless them with the gifts from the Cornforths.
Thank you so much, Cornforth Family, for spreading your wealth in Zambia. We were privileged to share in your blessings by being the deliverer of these gifts. The people we spoke to and listened to are very grateful for your generosity.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Flying Mission to Namwala

After our trip to Livingstone, the following day Ricky, Dad, and Randy Greenwood flew to Namwala to work on a mission house. Dad had never flown on a small plane before, so this was a first for him. Once they arrived, they surveyed the work to be completed that day. They were able to build one door to a closet and two closets in the bathroom and hallway. Now we all know that it was probably difficult for Wyman not to have all his tools there with him, so this was an experience in itself! They stayed all day and flew back before dark. On the way home, the pilot flew over the Kafue Flats and they were able to see hundreds of animals, mostly impala, zebra, lechwe, hippo, and crocodiles. It was too hard to get good pictures from the plane.The Namwala house (below)
Bedroom closet fixed
Bathroom closet before...
Bathroom closet after...
Views from the plane

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Random Pics from our trip to Livingstone

Coby & Kelsey with the zebra at Zambezi Sun
Meme with the zebra
An overturned truck we passed on the way home (that's a lot of mealie meal)
Women carrying their goods on their heads, and babies on the back
Coby, Kelsey, and Ricky at the top of the Falls
Meme and Kelsey at the top of the Falls
Coby doing a handstand in the pool
Kelsey running out of the pool
The bridge between Zambia and Zimbabwe which is used for bungee jumping (and where Ricky would have gone if I'd have let him!)
A beautiful bird we saw on safari
The many trucks at the border of Botswana waiting to pass customs